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Meet the Staff


Todd Osgood

Todd has been in the steel business since a young teenager, beginning his career by proudly following his father's love to fabricate and design with steel. He has 40 years of experience in the steel industry and brings a vast knowledge to design and erect the commercial building of your dreams. Todd offers an innovative, insightful, professional approach to all aspects of the job and delivers it with integrity and trust.

A natural problem solver, Todd has the foresight and the ability to make what may be seemingly impossible to realistically attainable. Todd has a progressive approach, strong work ethic, and an eagerness to be extraordinary, so it isn't surprising that he was running a crew of men since he was 18 years old. Todd has forged strong bonds with the community and his customers, and has an immense amount of pride in his work. To contact Todd via email: todd@osgoodconstruct.com
Todd Osgood

Angela Osgood

As co-owner of the business, Angie brings a unique set of talents to the company. She has her Class A commercial driver's license, and truly enjoys driving a dump truck and working in the field with the crew. She is involved in the day to day operations of the company and spends most of her time managing the new office in Newport, NH.

Angie has a deep sense of respect and pride for their hard working employees and values the cohesive bond she and Todd have developed with them, and would never ask them to do something she wouldn't do herself. A registered nurse by trade, she has a passion and commitment to helping the community and is a strong supporter of causes involving the needy and children. To contact Angie via email: angie@osgoodconstruct.com

Barbara Makela

Barbara is our executive secretary. She has an absolutely exceptional eye for detail, tenacity to see things to the end, and a determination to make a difference in whatever she pursues. Barbara is meticulous and organized, and works well with our staff and their wonderfully different personalities. She handles the day to day operations off this office with superior efficiency and perfection. For these reasons, she is also our account's payable manager, her duties include watching every penny that comes in and goes out. She is a driving force for this office and is a valuable, highly skilled "numbers person". Barbara is a self-reliant, strong willed, highly capable individual, and she is just the perfect fit for our growing business. To contact Barbara via email: office@osgoodconstruct.com

Patrick St. Pierre

Patrick is our project manager for the steel building crew. Patrick's optimism and progressive approach can bring great new ideas to your project. He graduated from Vermont Technical College in 2008 with an associate degree in Civil Engineering. He graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Design and Technology. He started working with his father, Victor at the age of 15. He currently does most of our bidding, and oversee's the day to day operations of the steel building crew. He is a member of the National Home Builders association. Patrick has a passion for the sport of soccer, as does most of the St. Pierre family. To contact Patrick via email: patrick@osgoodconstruct.com
Patrick St. Pierre

Rick Wharlich

Rick is our newest project manager, though his skills certainly are not new. He has worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years and brings invaluable knowledge of the industry to our company. Rick has the patience to handle the many intricacies of managing and continually improving his crew, and excels at both communication and productivity. His optimism is contagious and his calm nature enables him to lead his crew in the safest and most effective way. Rick is also a member of the planning board in Claremont and has an intricate knowledge of the permitting process. Rick is a very well rounded individual with many talents and his abilities make him exceptional in how he manages his jobs. To contact Rick: rick@osgoodconstruct.com

Barry Metcalf

Barry brings 35 years of experience to our business. As manager of the site development crew, he is in the field, hands on, with his crew every day. Barry not only brings a lifetime of knowledge with him, he also has the ability to teach that knowledge, and he teaches well. His quest for improvement is never ending. He has extremely high standards for his crew and even higher standards for himself. His leadership abilities are outstanding and even better, abilities that everyone has a deep respect and admiration for. Barry is extremely likable and has an unshakable focus and vision that makes him a leader that everyone strives to follow. He embodies absolutely everything we stand for here. To contact Barry: barry@osgoodconstruct.com

Mike West

Mike is our very first employee. He has literally been with us from the first day, and has been a big part of both our early and continuing success. Mike's dedication to our company and his wide range of abilities mold so well into everything we do here. For these reasons, he is our site crew foreman. Mike has a strong work ethic, the desire to succeed, and the ability to run his crew with great efficiency. He always works hard, is dependable, and has a deep appreciation for where we started and where we are now, because he was there and still is. He has high expectations for his crew, but he would never treat himself any differently. This is what makes him an effective leader, as he sets an example that others follow effectively and efficiently. Mike has an absolute passion to get things done and always has his eye on the end result. Aside from his talents, as our first employee, he sure holds a special place in our hearts. To contact Mike: mike@osgoodconstruct.com

Craig Stevens

Craig is a hard working family man who has worked his way to the top, literally. He started on the building crew as a laborer 10 years ago and still astounds us with his independence and productivity. As a new employee, he was extremely self sufficient and hard working, so it is no surprise to us that he is now leading our building crew. Craig is a great problem solver and strives to keep his crew running efficiently and effectively, and he does so with great respect for his team. Craig's style of leading works wonderfully with his crew. He leads by example, he works with them hand in hand every day. He recognizes everyone's individual abilities and understands how to develop those abilities. He has a strong crew that he has hand picked and hand developed in typical "Craig style". He handles his crew with great respect and confidence, and treats everyone equally. He maximizes productivity and provides a working environment for his team that allows his guys to grow and succeed. Perfect formula. To contact Craig: craig@osgoodconstruct.com
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