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Storage Units

Storage units can be one of the most lucrative investments, with potential to pay for itself within five years. We offer free quotes, plus we can design your storage facility for you . Building with steel makes sense, as steel is recyclable, mold and pest free, and is low maintenance. We offer numerous choices in size and flexibility, door and bay options, fire exits, optional second story floors, and modifications for stairs to list a few. We can add climate control systems to any unit or you can go with standard storage. The choices are almost limitless. We offer micro storage systems, which are ideal solutions for unique lots, or setbacks, or use-restricted areas. We have nine different floorplans for micro storage units. From project planning to construction, Osgood Construction can offer many solutions to your unique needs. You can choose from a wide range of architecturally attractive exteriors which can meet possible restrictions or covenants, and provide years of curb appeal. Design flexibility means you conceptualize, we can do it for you.
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